In this digital age, a website is the most vital of communications for a non-profit organization.

For newcomers, it often provides the first impression and introduction to what you do. And it serves as a home base for volunteers and supporters.

You can't afford to turn people off with an outdated, substandard site. Confusing navigation, poorly written copy, slow-loading pages or a clunky mobile experience don't provide the positive, welcoming experience you want for your supporters and those getting a first glimpse of who you are and what you do.

Is your website due for an upgrade? We build sites with responsive design that look beautiful on all devices.

What's more, story telling is our forte. We can create a website that tells your story in powerful ways that inspire and activate generosity.



Email communications are a key component of i58:10 Media's client services.

With our expertise, email can be a powerful fundraising tool -- either by itself or as part of a larger multi-channel campaign.

Email allows you to reach and activate support very quickly, if needed. And the immediacy enables up-to-the-hour campaign updates.

Email require less investment than direct mail. And studies show that email has one of the highest returns on investment, compared with other channels.

Our email services include:
> Event promotion. A series of emails leading up to an event fires up enthusiasm and motivates donors.
> Online fundraising campaigns. Our full-featured digital fundraising campaign, with a graphic theme, series of emails, social media promotion, videos and a web landing page, deliver stellar results.
> Monthly donation appeals. These messages provide a consistent revenue stream from your support base. Short video messages are highly effective in boosting engagement.
> Newsletters. An essential tool for cementing connections with supporters, newsletters are the perfect choice for promoting upcoming events, sharing successes, applauding current volunteers and enlisting new ones.


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