The popularity of video is skyrocketing.

Consider these statistics:
> More than 500 million people are watching Facebook videos every day.
> 81.2 % of online users in the U.S. watch digital video content.
> 36 percent of online users access online video content daily.
> Global video traffic accounted for 73 percent of all consumer Internet traffic.
> Video traffic is expected to grow four-fold by 2021.

Video story-telling is our specialty at i58:10 Media. Whether it’s a life-change story to post online, a TV commercial or an overview for a fundraising banquet, our videos inspire and motivate viewers to action.

When your audience watches a video about your organization, they are able to connect with you in a deeper way than is possible with other media. When the work of your ministry comes to life in sight and sound, it engages the emotions. And someone who connects with your cause on an emotional level is a someone who is open to responding to the needs presented.

Watch some samples of our work, and let's talk about how we can effectively tell your organization's story in video.

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